Fabric glass is a fabric art that I invented. I layer and cut fabrics to make them look like stained glass. The flames  in the slide show above and the portrait below are examples of my work. You can see more of my work and even buy prints and T-shirts at my RedBubble site. My photography is also featured on RedBubble.

As a writer I am constantly learning my craft. I share my process of discovery, how I stay motivated and some of my writing on my writer's blog. Here you can be part of

Experience Writing.

My story Almost Paradise was published in the Washington's Emerging Writers anthology.


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is a creator and maker inspired by a life of leaping without hesitation. She worked for N.A.S.A., was the youngest Peace Corps Volunteer, and more recently was quoted and pictured in Ernie K-Doe: The R & B Emperor of New Orleans by Ben Sandmel. She created this website to bring all of her creative interests together in one place: to inspire others; to find like minds; and, maybe one day, to find the nexus.



A Place for sharing inspiration and creative ideas

I'm working on playing my theremin with accompaniment. I've been working more with the music of poetry than songwriting, but I hope to get back to it soon.