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triggers all the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, (taste?), taste! I have to at least taste the air if only as a function of smell.

     Adventures also surprise. There is always something that triggers the imagination or asks a question. As an artist, I find joy in juxtaposition and contrast. When I was in the middle of the amazing forest across the street from Spanaway Lake, and wandered up to this fence of ivy-covered razor-wire separating nature from nature; I was in creative paradise. What did this vine do to be shunned from the tree so vehemently that one must be sliced apart to attempt to join them?

My inspiration the last few months has been finding secret forests close to my home. Thanks to Harrybipedhiker's blog and King and Pierce County Parks, I have found a forest paradise every weekend. What makes these adventures so inspiring is the newness which

word of the Week


/op-uh-rohs /adjective
1. industrious, as a per

2. not to be uttered.

This week, well the next month and a half, will be a fun challenge for me. I looked in my thesaurus for stress and saw this word that I didn't know under strenuous. I love learning new words.

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