Herman makes a new friend while out flying. Her name is Dee Dee and she is a duck. Dee Dee is special because she can fly like Herman and swim like Gator McBumpypants, but can they find a way to all play together?

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Readers' Favorite gave Gator McBumpypants in Dee Dee Makes Three a glowing five star review.

In the latest Gator McBumpypants adventure, Dee Dee takes Gator McBumpypants and Herman to a beautiful, special place. She has something important to tell them. Why did she plan this special day and what big secret is she saving for the end?

"I had to get this one as soon as it was available. My daughter ADORES these books, and was very excited to get a new one. Maria Berg's stories are cute, sweet, and playful, just like the photography. My daughter has had me read the first one so often that she can quote a good deal of it. Please keep these books coming, I've got a lot of years left before my little girl outgrows McBumpypants!" - Amazon Customer

Gator McBumpypants and Herman are excited to get to know Shelley, but she isn't making it easy. When she finally agrees to an adventure to the sunning log, she leaves quickly and then won't come out of her shell for days. Can Herman and Gator McBumpypants find a way to get past her hard exterior and find the friend inside?

Exciting News! Gator McBumpypants and all his friends are headed to New Orleans, LA.  I'll be taking pictures and writing about their adventures for a book coming out this fall.

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Gator McBumpypants and Herman have a new friend, Dee Dee!

Gator McBumpypants and his friend Herman

have a whole new adventure:

Gator McBumpypants in Herman Learns to Fly

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